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Chinese Sizes Charts: Shoes & Clothes

How to choose size buying from Chinese sellers?

Sizing is going to be different. ALWAYS pay attention to the size charts of clothing and shoes items.

There is no standard size chart. So you should consider: sizes may vary depending on the seller. You have to take measurement before you buy to make sure you are getting the right size.


  • Shoes

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Buying clothes online is always tricky as you can’t try it on. It has probably happened to most of us. We’ve purchased something from China that just does NOT fit.

Again, what a waste of resources, time and money. These are tricks to make sure it fit’s before purchase.

  • Find out the measurements of the clothing you would like to buy. Find a listing that has it mentioned in the description or ask the store if they can give it to you. The sizing is usually mentioned at the top or the bottom of the listing.
  • Then go find a similar piece of clothing in your own closet that fits you well. Lay it down flat and measure it from top to bottom, over chest, and waist etc. to see what measurements your t-shirt (or whatever) has.
  • Compare your numbers to the number in the listing and figure out what size will fit you best.