Products on are not authentic. We are offering various quality products to meet everyone’s need and financial capacities: from A quality to 1:1 quality grade.  The higher quality grade is the close to authentic item it will be.

Sure, submit us your In Search Of request here, we will check all the available offers and get back to you with the best one as soon as we found it.

Site has strict policy that prohibited to sell fake branded goods. So sellers had proposed hidden offers to sidestep Aliexpress policy.
This mean, that auction page does not show real products. Real photos with codes and links are sharing through a dedicated sources for group of people who are interested in purchase.

We do not accept any payments on our website. You will be redirected to aliexpress  store and pay through online platform directly to seller. is monitoring stores on a regular basis. Links tend to go super fast (or Aliexpress decides to remove them), so don’t sit on the item if you’re loving it!

Product codes are hide on color section. It appears above the section once you pick on any color square. Sometimes color codes are not available on product page and you need to write message with the code on checkout page. Always read purchase rules for particular product carefully before placing your order.

Use links from trusted sources like our website All offers here gotten directly from sellers and fully trustworthy. If you have any doubts or do not trust, please don’t buy. See also our customer reviews

Aliexpress monitors of all shops and the messages. If store pages or messages mention famous brands, shop will close and penalized by platform. And also strictly prohibited to leave photos in feedback once transaction completed.

Read Buyer’s Guide and think a lot before you pull the trigger! Theoretically you can send the package back to the seller. The packages could get seized, you won’t be getting money back and new item as a replacement. Can you really afford this expense?

Please take a photo of item and contact us here with the description of  your problem.

Yes, most of sellers whose offers we place on our site do ship worldwide.

Read Buyer’s Guide and follow purchase protection time and if there’s still enough time, please wait the package patiently. Otherwise contact us for assistance.  



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