9 Gucci replica ITEMs with embroidered GG motif you can’t resist

Gucci’s GG-embroidered motif fashionable pieces are all over social media lately inspired us to discover the ultimate collection everyone would want to own in order to constantly have new chic and luxe looks.  

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Here are some of the major best inspired shoes, dresses, underwear and accessories with embroidered with GG motif to add your look glamorous touch. They are also a must if you are planning on wearing this summer in hot weather.

  1. Gloves: giving attention to the details. If you fashion forward girl, you know that celebrities and designers alike are embracing this vintage trend.

BUY Gucci Tulle Glover, 11$

  1. Lingerie set. THE lingerie you need right now. If you haven’t got yours yet, you’ve come to the right place. The only question is color: black or nude?

BUY Gucci Set (no box), 23$ | BUY Gucci Lingerie Set with box, 68$

  1. Tulle Dress. You can wear it as sexy lingerie or layer it over shirt.

BUY Gucci Tulle dress with box, 68$ | BUY Gucci Tulle dress no box, 20$

  1. GG embroidered Espadrilles. available in 6 different colors, perfect to complete your summer outfit

BUY GG Espadrilles, with box, $68

  1. Mesh cap with GG embroidered motif.

BUY GG Mesh cap, $24.80

  1. GG embroidered tulle buckle hat to keep you stylish in hot sunny weather, 5 colors available

BUY GG bucket hat, 12$

  1. Bodysuit with GG embroidered motif absolutely gorgeous fashion piece.

BUY GG tulle bodysuit, 16.90$

  1. GG tights The most coveted luxury leg-wear and they are available in black or white with big or small logo for way less than the real Gucci version.

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